Frugal Startups

Startups done on the cheap.

Games – What Games

Selling: TCG (MTG, etc) Board Game Addons

Other – Succulents Attempt?

Unsure about starting succulent business. Check eBay Canada during summer¬†for succulent cuttings to see if it's worth it. Initial investment: Cuttings: Home Depot, Rona fallen leaves? - FREE Container: Milk jugs - FREE Soil: ??  

Aquatic – Startup Complete

Fish / Aquatic Plant startup has previously been completed and is running successfully.

Hot Peppers – Rough 1st Year Plans

Rough 1st year plans for hot pepper business: Plant 5 Jalapeno seeds indoors mid March using empty water bottles, and empty pop bottle to keep humidity in. Use direct light from window. Plant 5 Jalapeno seeds outdoor when min temperature... Continue Reading →

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